Yeah, I’m a Nerd

Here is an excerpt from a senior project of high school, grammatical errors included:

I thought this project was horrible. It is like trying to condense something as open ended as “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” onto a “Nintendo Entertainment System” cartridge, if you understand what is meant by that analogy. You can’t try to make life into a project; there is an infinite amount of conditions to each of the choices to be made in this project. I can understand why a teacher would want to assign this to a student; “to prepare them to use their money in a mature manner”. This project doesn’t prepare us for the real world; it just sharpens our math skills at best. I can assure you that everyone that ended the final month with a positive amount of money had either A) had a credit card balance that would continue to rise past the first year, and would eventually bring them to bankruptcy, or B) they cheated by making decisions based on knowing the outcome of that decision. Many people probably bought plenty of stocks knowing that they could sell them to get a large profit. There are all my assumptions, and other people might have a greater rollover amount. If they were given my preliminary budget, they would not be able to pass the final month with a positive amount of money.

This is about two and a half years old now. The project was a simulation of the year after high school, assuming the participant didn’t go to college and started working right after graduation. This portion is from the reflective essay on how I felt about the project. I just found it funny how I compared the project to putting San Andreas into an NES cartridge.

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